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All-in-One kit: Assemble four different motors! (one at a time)

Discount: 10-24 - 5%; 25-49 - 7.5%; 50-99 - 10%; 100+ - 12%

Designed and made in the USAAll-in-One kit includes all parts required for assembly of 4 brushless motors: simple reed switch motor, reed switch motor with the transistor, motor on a Hall Effect IC, and motor with optical control.

This is a perfect kit if you want to experiment with different configurations and learn how all these motors work. You may build each motor one at a time. You may also place all parts together and change connections for each motor. If you want to easily switch between the motors you may consider Kit #9 that adds a switch to this kit.

This motor uses standard AA size batteries (not supplied). Included jumper wire allows to experiment with different voltages.

Soldering iron required for assembly; you may add an inexpensive one with some solder here.

Assembly instructions

pdficon_smallKit contents

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 6.25 × 5.75 × 1.5 in
Difficulty level

3 – more difficult, requires the use of a soldering irone

Typical speed

See typical speeds for separate configurations


1.5 – 6 V (15 V max); some motor configurations may not work on 1.5 or 3 V; heat sink for the transistor (optional) is recommended for 12 V or higher voltages

Assembled dimensions

6" x 6" x 2"


8 oz

2 reviews for Kit #8

  1. Tim Crawford (verified owner)

    Bought these for my nephews, they work great.

  2. Anthony Holmes (verified owner)

    Fantastic kit project I enjoyed every Minuit building the motor getting it to work and testing the different sensors supplied and seeing how they worked in the circuit was my main reason for building the 4 in one kit, which I have learnt a great deal from which also helped me get my Bedini project off the ground and is now all working and all thanks to your kit that has taught me to understand more about electronic magnet motors. THANK YOU. I AM VERY HAPPY 🙂

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