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Reed switch motor with 4 magnet rotor and battery holder

Discount: 10-24 - 5%; 25-49 - 7.5%; 50-99 - 10%; 100+ - 12%

Designed and made in the USASimple reed switch motor with 4 magnets/4 surface rotor and battery holder/jumper wire.

This motor uses standard AA size batteries (not supplied). Included jumper wire allows to experiment with 4 different voltages: 1.5, 3, 4.5 and 6 Volts.

In 1999-2013 it was our most popular kit!

Assembly instructions

pdficon_smallKit contents

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6.25 × 5.75 × 1.5 in
Difficulty level

1 – simple, no special tools required

Typical speed

1300 RPM (1.5 V) — 2400 RPM (3 V) — 2700 RPM (4.5 V) — 3000 RPM (6 V)


1.5 – 6 V (15 V max); voltages higher than 3 V require use of the ZNR

Assembled dimensions

6" x 6" x 1.75"


7 oz

5 reviews for Kit #4

  1. David

    Ordered this kit for a 6th grade science experiment/project. This is a complete kit and functions perfectly if instructions are followed. I elected to use epoxy in the place of the supplied super glue for a more secure bond, but the glue would probably had been sufficient. All in all, a very neat and fun little motor to play with and teach with at the same time. Thanks

  2. Elijah

    I ordered this kit for my daughters 4th grade science project. It was fun to build with her and she was able to build most of it from the youtube video by herself. My only complaint about the kit is the super glue didn’t work. It would bond one joint and then not bond the next. I used 5 minute epoxy instead and it worked perfectly. The motor works great and my daugher was very excited to see it run. Nice kit!


    I have received the #4 motor kit with the generator, and I love it! Such a great demonstration of a motor and the generator works very well. Extremely easy to assemble and use. I do recommend using superglue, you want to make sure that none of the parts will go anywhere. I run a program for a non-profit that encourages student’s interest in STEM fields, so I bought this motor to use as a demonstration to show children how motors can be used to generate electricity. Serge is very attentive to questions and customer service; a pleasure to deal with. Thank you!

  4. Jeffery Newton

    From the moment I found “” they at “” have exceeded expectations. I selected the #4 project for my grandson to introduce him to electromagnetism; Thoroughly, pleased… Thank-you!

  5. Doug

    Nice kit easy to assemble great teaching tool thank you .

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