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Simple conventional motor kit (set of 10)

Designed and made in the USAReally simple conventional brushed motor for groups of students.

This kit is sold only in classroom sets of 10; if you need a single kit you may choose Kit #15 or Kit #16.

This set is deeply discounted and does not have a volume discount. However if you buy 3 sets or more you get free RPM measurement attachment – your students will be able to compare the speed of their motors (frequency measurement multimeter required – you may buy inexpensive advanced multimeter here if you do not have one).

If you buy 5 sets or more you also get Rapid Assembly QuikLock Reed Switch Motor Kit #12 (so you can compare and see why it is really much better!).

Please note that while this is the least expensive kit it is not the easiest motor to build as it requires a lot of accuracy in balancing the coil and stripping off the insulation. They are also not very stable and require frequent cleaning. Practically nothing could be attached to these motors and no experiments could be performed besides the basic speed measurement.

Reed switch motors are easier to build and understand how they work. They have a proven record of working every time without any struggle.

This is not a brushless motor as opposed to most other motors on our site.

Assembly instructions

pdficon_smallKit contents

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 7 × 6.5 × 1.5 in
Difficulty level

2 – easy to build, but requires high level of accuracy and might be difficult to balance


1.5 V; uses 1 standard AA battery (not included)

Assembled dimensions

2.5" x 2" x 1"


1 oz

1 review for Kit #17

  1. Richard L (verified owner)

    Oh wise and mysterious purveyors of fine electric motor kits –

    Just thought I’d drop you a note of thanks.

    Today, for the second time, I led a class of grade schoolers (6th grade this time, 4th grade last time) through the process of assembling your #17 kits. And for the second time, with a bit of help from me (especially on correctly scraping insulation from wire) we got all of the motors up and running.

    I don’t know if this business generates a significant amount of revenue for you, but I can say that it absolutely captures the imagination of grade school kids. I’m going to take some notes on what to do differently next time and may ask the school to help fund the activity so we can get kit 11 instead of the more tedious #17

    But anywho, it’s wonderful that you provide this service – thanks for doing what you do! I look forward to ordering more kits for next year…and may get some for myself too, to show the class as an example before they get going.


    Richard L

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