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Rapid assembly advanced QuikLock™ reed switch motor

Discount: 10-24 - 5%; 25-49 - 7%; 50-99 - 8%; 100+ - 10%

Designed and made in the USAThis kit is almost the same as Kit #13 but includes ready to use electromagnet. It reduces assembly time and this simple motor could be assembled in less than 30 minutes!

This motor uses strong neodymium magnets secured by safety ring. No messy glue is needed for assembly and no tools required.

Efficient design makes this motor extremely powerful and easy to assemble without any struggle. This is our fastest motor (over 6000 RPM – see Additional Information tab).

The precision of modifications on this motor kit matches the precision of original parts with tolerances up to +/-0.03 mm (this is 1/10 of human hair thickness!). You need such accuracy to achieve stated speed and power.

It is a perfect learning tool to make first steps into wonderful world of electricity and magnetism. Its unique features make this kit really helpful in classroom education.

In addition to all features of a simple reed switch motor this kit includes extra parts:

• Variable speed control that allows to change the motor speed from full stop to maximum speed (and even significantly increase the speed!)
• Second rotor parts and extra magnets for experiments with 2 and 4 magnet rotors

This motor uses standard AA size batteries (not supplied). Included jumper wire allows to experiment with 4 different voltages: 1.5, 3, 4.5 and 6 Volts.

It could be used with most of our experimentation supplies.

Excellent product for birthday parties and other activities or as a gift!

Assembly instructions

pdficon_smallKit contents

This is not a Lego® product even if it contains Lego® bricks and plates. We reserve the right to use other materials in the future. All warranties provided by Simple Motors.
LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this product.

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4.5 × 1.5 in
Difficulty level

1 – simple, no glue and no special tools required

Typical speed

1500 RPM (1.5 V) — 2500 RPM (3 V) — 2900 RPM (4.5 V) — 3600 RPM (6 V) — 4300 RPM (6 V with speed control knob in max speed position)

Typical speed with lubricated shaft

2600 RPM (1.5 V) — 3800 RPM (3 V) — 4400 RPM (4.5 V) — 4800 RPM (6 V) — 6200 RPM (6 V with speed control knob in max speed position)


1.5 – 6 V (15 V max); voltages higher than 3 V require use of the ZNR (included)

Assembled dimensions

4.5" x 4" x 1.5"


4 oz

1 review for Kit #14

  1. Emmet BrickHacer (verified owner)

    I ordered kit to test demonstration of brushless motor and I think It is amazing idea! But, what I really missing in kit, is some switch to easily unplug circuit – I dont like when I must deconstruct part of circuit if I want to turn off.

    Only advice is please make more details in instructions – at first I missanderstood it and burn out battery box, because I probably create shortcut connection with inductetd currency. But, it was definitely my fault.

    I personaly prefer less modificated lego part, so when I understood functionality, I rebuild circuit with nonmodificated LEGO and Snap Circuits (in cetnral Europe known as Boffin) – you can see result there:

    So for education is great choice, whit possibility to modification to fit your curriculum, if you prefer more LEGO baserd technology!

    • Simple Motors

      Great video and modifications!

      As for the switch – we do carry a switch that could be used as an option at
      Other options are to remove one battery or just turn speed control magnet – in certain position it stops the motor.

      Good luck teaching your students!

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