Kits #11-12

Having a birthday party? Scouts meeting?

Easy to build QuikLock™ motor kits provide lots of fun and great learning experience!

Kits #11 could be assembled in half an hour; if you want to cut this time in half by eliminating the most tedious operation (winding the electromagnet) you may consider kit #12 which includes a prewound electromagnet. It also uses strong neodymium magnets secured by the safety ring that makes this motor safe even for small children. There is no messy glue and no tools needed for assembly.

If you wish to keep kids busy for a longer period of time you may select kits #13-14 that are faster, more powerful, and allow conducting lots of experiments.

We highly recommend adding an RPM measurement kit – kids love to compare their motors! Only one is really needed for the group.

These kits are packaged nicely and if you have enough in your budget they are an excellent alternative to goody bags.

If you are on a really tight budget you may consider very inexpensive conventional motor kits #17 for less than $5 per kit (sold in sets of 10). However these kits are not the easiest to assemble and kids always have much more fun with intuitive QuikLock motor kits.

We provide reasonable shipping rates with no handling/packaging fees.

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