Volume discounts are automatically applied to large orders. They are calculated as follows:

Kits #1-10, 15-16

10-24 kits: 5%
25-49 kits: 7.5%
50-99 kits: 10%
100+ kits: 12%

Kits #11-14, Reuse kits #11, 13

10-24 kits: 5%
25-49 kits: 7%
50-99 kits: 8%
100+ kits: 10%

Most of the parts:

10-24 items: 10%
25-49 items: 15%
50-99 items: 20%
100+ items: 25%

Kit #17 is already deeply discounted and does not have a volume discount. It is sold in sets of 10 only. If you order 5 sets or more you get a free RPM Measurement Attachment #2; for 10 sets or more you get in addition Rapid Assembly QuikLock Reed Switch Motor #12.*

Purchase orders are acceptable from educational organizations.

* New customers only; does not apply to subsequent purchases.

Free Sample Kit Request

We are so confident in our products that this year for a limited time we are offering free sample kits for schools, universities, and other educational organizations. Shipping is free via USPS First class mail.

You may request a free sample of our new kit #12 – Rapid Assembly Basic QuikLock Reed Switch Motor ($24.95 value), or kit #17 – Simple Conventional Brushed Motor (one $4.99 kit, not the set of 10).

Please note that sample kits are not available for general public. They are shipped to US school addresses only. Teacher/instructor name must be verifiable via school staff directory on the internet. No home schools or scouts organizations please.

Update 09/08/2017: Due to high demand and overuse of the free sample program in the past, kit #12 samples are now available to large educational institutions only. For all other organizations as stated above: kits #12 may be purchased in our shop, free samples of the kits #17 are still available.





*Street address:

*City, state, zipcode:

*School website:

*Link to school staff directory with teacher’s name:


Sample kit:
Kit #12
Kit #17
*Mandatory field

You need to have an email client (such as Outlook) installed. Also this form may not work properly in Internet Explorer. If you are having trouble with your submission contact us directly at simplemotor@gmail.com. Don’t forget to include ALL required information as stated above!

We reserve the right to deny incomplete/inappropriate requests and to cancel or modify this program at any time.


  1. came fast

  2. Had a few students assemble the motor in about 20 miniutes, it started a lot of questions of how and why and opened the eyes of everyone when it started running, they gathered around and wanted to try their skill at assembly I will be ordering these little kits in bulk from now on. they are a really good teaching tool for electrical beginners.

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