The motor kits on our site serve the best as educational tools and provide loads of fun when you build them. They are not designed for real applications. There are only a few things that these motors can do.

If you attach a propeller to the motor, it may work as a fan. Good propeller is available in our store. It provides enough airflow to push a small boat – see the video on our YouTube channel.

You can cut out circles from paper, color them different colors, attach these circles to the motor axle, and see how these colors mix together. For example, if half of the circle is red and the other half is yellow the resulting color will be orange. You may also draw spirals on these disks. Color Mixing Kit available in our store allows performing all these experiments and may be a good beginner level science project by itself.

As for using these motors in model cars, robots etc. – the motors will require a speed reducer or gear box attached to them as Stan did in his science project. This is not an easy task and you may be better off with small industrial motors instead.

If you have any ideas for other applications please let us know – the best suggestions will be published on this page.

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